Olivia M. Bennetorri is a natural-light, documentary-style photographer, capturing memories in the San Francisco East Bay & beyond! She is continuously inspired by the lives we live… how we exist, how we thrive, & especially, most importantly, how we love one another. She strives to find the beauty in the little things, the humor in most things, & aims to capture life’s moments, both big & small. ✨

Her passion for photography began when she was a youngster in her local 4-H chapter. Her father took on the task of wrangling a handful of wild 8-year-olds & trying to teach them the ins & outs of photography, film, etc. & the early days of transitioning to digital – thus also passing along a lifelong love of the craft.

Olivia is queer 🌈, married to her amazing wife (Ash Bennetorri of Corrinova Yoga & Bodywork) 🧘‍♀️, & they reside w/ their two cat kids in the hills of Berkeley, CA. 😻 She enjoys working with her fellow queer community whenever she has the chance & looks forward to working with you & your loved ones!